About Us

You are here because you have or are getting ready to experience the loss of a beloved friend. For many, this is one of the most painful and traumatic experiences you’ll likely go through. We understand how unique your relationship with your pet is, and we also understand how personal this process is. We are here for you. Whether you would like to use cremation or burial to honor your cherished pet, Valley Pet Aftercare Services can provide you with the option that best suits your needs. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that you are providing your pet the same loving and caring that you showed them throughout their life.

Valley Pet Aftercare Services is not new to the aftercare industry. We started offering our services back in 1987 when the J.E. Shepard family of South Windsor set aside a six acre parcel of pristine land and developed it into the Willowbrook Pet Cemetery. Over the years our services evolved into having the need to include cremation as an option for grieving pet owners. We realized that in order to accomplish this our own equipment would be needed as we were not comfortable with the alternatives for our clients at the time. Recognizing this need however created some issues as to where this new cremation equipment would go? Who would operate it? Willowbrook Pet Cemetery was just that, a cemetery.

As luck would have it, and being animal lovers ourselves, we just so happened to have a boarding kennel business, Valley Boarding Kennels. It was at this location that having such a facility would be an option. It was also at this point Willowbrook Pet Cemetery partnered with our business in order to better serve our clients with a more comprehensive aftercare program. As you can imagine Valley Boarding Kennels would not be an appropriate name for our aftercare business and yet Willowbrook Pet Cemetery wasn’t really so much a business as much as it was just a cemetery. Needing to differentiate the various aspects of our business, we chose the name Valley Pet Aftercare Services and felt it offered continuity within our business.