When we choose to bring a pet into our lives we typically never think about it passing, and as our bond grows closer, even the thought is often more than we can bear. It is however, inevitable. And it’s our responsibility to decide what arrangements will be made in order to ensure that our pets are treated in passing, in a manner that reflects the way we cared for them in life.

Valley Pet Aftercare Services has been committed to providing compassionate and personalized services to pet owners. We are a small family business located in South Windsor, Connecticut. We have been long committed to caring for pets through our pet care business Valley Boarding Kennels, so we know about the bonds that you share with your pets and understand the kind of care that you expect for them. We wanted our clients to have an aftercare option they were comfortable with for their pet. It is with this in mind that we felt the desire and need to develop our aftercare business.

Valley Pet Aftercare Services performs all of the services we offer. We do not contract to outside businesses which are generally high volume services and often, located out of state. We pride ourselves on treating each family and each pet as an individual, unique in their needs, and will customize our services around those needs.

Today we are lucky enough to live in a time where information is readily available, making it much easier and more comfortable for pet owners to make informed decisions regarding aftercare. Unlike in the past, you do have choices today. Having said that, we hope you might consider using our services in your time of need.